Top 10 Website Ideas For Money Making

1. The Reverse Job Board

The mini pitch: “Buy and sell work online.”

What it is: You know all those job boards you see littered around the web? This is a job board flipped on its head. Think of it as a “work wanted” board. Instead of employers posting job offers, this is a place for service providers to post requests for work.

How it works: Designers, developers, writers, and anyone else wanting work can post their request, together with the percentage or fixed fee they’d pay to someone providing a lead.

Why it’s hot: More people than ever are turning to the web as a source of work. Sometimes it’s very hard to find it, or very time-consuming to browse offers and make pitches. Wouldn’t it be great if people could find work for you? And imagine getting paid just for referring someone you know who needs a new website or logo design.

Where the money is: Take a commission when work is successfully placed, or charge a monthly fee to either buy requests or see contact details. Continue reading


How to make your website show up on Google

How to get your website found and indexed by Google?

The easiest way is to use Google Add url service. Unfortunately it doesn’t give you any control about the indexing process – the way that Google looks at every page on your site and saves them in it’s server for people to search from.

Google also offers another free service called Google Webmaster Tools (GWT). We recommend using it because it allows you to: Continue reading

10 Ways to Make your Website more Attractive

The truth is you want to make your website more attractive to your visitors, so they don’t leave from their landing page. The end goal for your website is to either sell a product or a service. So, how do you make your website more attractive to your visitors so you can reach your goals? When designing a website for your business, you have to think about many aspects that may influence the design and layout of your website. You must know who your target people are, age, ethnicity, language, etc… The whole purpose of making your website more attractive is to make sure your visitors stay longer. The internet provides hundreds of tools to make your website more attractive, using these tools effectively is the key. You can turn your website into a great looking and professional site that will help you sale! In this article, we will go over 10 ways to make your website more attractive to your visitors. So not only they stay longer on your website, but you make your website work for you.

  1. Target your market
    The first step on building a successful website is to make sure you are targeting the right market and that you are creating your design and layout for that particular market. For Example; you will not use the same colour scheme and images if you are trying to target senior citizens to join a Bingo club as if you were trying to market a Night Club offering 2-4-1 drinks Friday night. Continue reading

Make Your Website More Visible: Register With Search Engines

Registering your website

You should register your new website with the Open Directory Project, This has limited effect on your ranking these days compared to years gone by, but will help your site be recognised by search engines while it is new (although obtaining a listing on dmoz can take quite some time). Dmoz listing is free but requires that your site follows some guidelines. There are other directories you can consider, most of which require paying a fee. It’s not strictly necessary to register with a directory to grow your site’s popularity, so do not invest major effort in doing so. If your site is already well established and its content is optimized, getting listed in any single directory will not have further impact on your search ranking, as search engines will already have a clear idea of your site’s popularity for given search terms. You can also register directly with individual search engines.

Webmaster validation

WebPlus offers easy integration with free Google and Bing Webmaster services, which provide a direct way to manage your search settings with those providers. You can ‘validate’ your website by adding piece of code or a single file to your site, proving that you are the site owner and establishing your role as master and commander of a website. You can also set up visitor analytics, advertising, and other services. Continue reading