10 Ways to Make your Website more Attractive

The truth is you want to make your website more attractive to your visitors, so they don’t leave from their landing page. The end goal for your website is to either sell a product or a service. So, how do you make your website more attractive to your visitors so you can reach your goals? When designing a website for your business, you have to think about many aspects that may influence the design and layout of your website. You must know who your target people are, age, ethnicity, language, etc… The whole purpose of making your website more attractive is to make sure your visitors stay longer. The internet provides hundreds of tools to make your website more attractive, using these tools effectively is the key. You can turn your website into a great looking and professional site that will help you sale! In this article, we will go over 10 ways to make your website more attractive to your visitors. So not only they stay longer on your website, but you make your website work for you.

  1. Target your market
    The first step on building a successful website is to make sure you are targeting the right market and that you are creating your design and layout for that particular market. For Example; you will not use the same colour scheme and images if you are trying to target senior citizens to join a Bingo club as if you were trying to market a Night Club offering 2-4-1 drinks Friday night.
  2. Speed
    No one likes to wait, that’s why most people use the internet now days to make their day-to-day transactions. Make sure that your websites uses the least code possible. If you website takes a long time to load, chances are that your visitors are going to leave, because they don’t like to wait.
  3. Simple Navigation
    Make sure your site uses a simple navigation structure. Visitors tend to leave if they don’t find what they are looking for in their first 30 seconds of visiting your website. The easier it is for your visitors to find information, the longer they will stay. Make sure that your Contact Information is visible in every page or at least a link to your contact information.
  4. Great Content sales
    Is your website friendly enough to guide your visitors through your sales process? Does your website have enough content to explain your products or services? Is this content easy to read? Have your website work for you by adding good content, content that your visitors will find interesting and that will help you get that sale.
  5. Be Consistent
    Your website needs to be consistent in design, layout and content in every page. Make your visitors feel that they still navigating the same website they intended to visit. It can be confusing to your visitor’s if you create pages with totally different designs, you might lead them to think they left your site.
  6. Visual Impressions
    We are visual creatures and like to see things. Using out of the ordinary images and graphics will attract your customer’s attention a lot more than if you only use text. Images and cool graphics will capture your visitors attention and will make them come back multiple times.
  7. Be simple but Creative
    Thousands of websites are launch every day, and probably hundreds from your competitors. Visit this websites, get familiar with them, and ask yourself, how does my website stand apart from my competitors? Keeping your website as simple as possible will make your visitors experience more desirable, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. Stand out from your competition by doing something out of the ordinary.
  8. Credibility and Professionalism
    Must small businesses use their website as their main marketing tool, the reason why is because it is easier for them to compete with their bigger competitors online. Making your website look professional will increase credibility from your customers and will make your visitors come back.
  9. Social Media Integration
    Having your website integrated into social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is a necessity these days. Having this social media integration makes your website more user friendly and lets your visitors share your content easier.
  10. Update, Update, Update
    Finally, make sure that you update your website often. There is nothing like browsing through a website that has updated useful information.

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