5 Tips for Making Your Website More Social

If you operate a website, you’re no doubt familiar with search engine optimization. Now, add “social optimization” to your to-do list.

A website that’s optimized for social media sharing typically attracts more traffic and sparks more engagement with customers. But what does social optimization mean exactly? Is it simply a matter of adding social sharing buttons to pages? Actually, it encompasses everything from encouraging more sharing on your pages to seeking more feedback from visitors.

To make your website more social, consider these five tips for going beyond buttons:

1. Encourage a more social experience.
There is a belief that people either share or they don’t. Not so. You can encourage sharing and engagement on your website by choosing “emotionally intelligent words.” This means you select words that represent the personality of your brand and appear conversational. Continue reading


Top 10 WordPress Tips

New to WordPress? The top 10 things you should know!

1. Posts appear only in the Blog section. When you write a new Post, it automatically gets added to the Blog section.

2. Posts automatically go into the Archives by month. You don’t have to do anything – they just add themselves.

3. Posts are listed in chronological order with the most recent one at the top of the list. To change the order, just change the date. Open a post and look at the top right area of the screen where you will see the date. Change the date, save the post, and the post will automatically change order. Continue reading

10 Simple Tips To Get Noticed By The World Wide Web

  • Content is the best optimization. Any type of optimization is effective only in combination with high quality and unique content. Ideally, the text contains keywords that highlights the overall theme of the post. The content should be understandable and readable. Use your keywords wisely. Text should be written primarily for visitors, not for search engines.
  • Exchange backlinks with other relevant websites relating to your topics and with high authority websites (websites with high page ranking). Also link between pages within your website, but do this with caution and only if it’s relevant. Don’t link every page to each other. Continue reading

How to Get More Facebook Likes/Followers On Your Page

Here are the 50 tips:

1. Post a Status Update

Post a status update mentioning your facebook page.

Don’t be afraid to outright ask people to join your facebook page. Ask and you shall receive.

Give them a great reason why they should join, tell them news, or find a creative way to mention and link to your page:

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Top 20 Most Trafficed Website 2013

google.com Enables users to search the world’s information, including webpages, images, and videos. Offers unique features and search technology.

facebook.com A social utility that connects people, to keep up with friends, upload photos, share links and videos.

youtube.com YouTube is a way to get your videos to the people who matter to you. Upload, tag and share your videos worldwide!

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Top 10 WordPress Plugins 2013

1. WordPress SEO (Link)

This the most comprehensive (yet light) SEO plugin I’ve come across. As most bloggers would know your content is next to useless if it is not easily searchable or discoverable on the Internet and more specifically search engines. This plugin gives you the convenience of adding in the SEO attributes all under the post content window.

2. Smart Archives Reloaded (Link)

To see this plugin in action check out my archives page.

Smart Archives Reloaded allows you to display a list of posts grouped by year and month and provides some cool navigation layouts. This is one of those plugins you enable and create a page to display the contents and forget about it.

I chose this plugin specifically because it presented a clean page layout and very minimal work needed to get the content you see on the archives page, all of that was achieved with a single WordPress shortcode.

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Top 10 Free WordPress Themes 2013

Need a new responsive theme for your WordPress site? You’re in luck! So far 2013 has been a great year in the world of WordPress themes. Over the past few months several theme makers have released some beautiful, professional-quality themes that we think you might enjoy. We’ve carefully selected the nicest of those that have been released recently. All of the themes listed below are free to use and have been created to be responsive to mobile devices. Make sure to bookmark all of your favorites!


Demo | Download

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